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Saturday, March 20, 2004
Yahtzee Rocks My World

So, blog number 2. How exciting. I always feel so inferior after reading other people's blogs. I don't have the knack that I used to for writing. So instead you have to shuffle through my mass of scattered drivel.

So I'm sitting at my brother Joel's house in Madison, Wisconsin (where my parents, brother, and I have been intruding upon since Wednesday evening) when I decide to start a random Google.com search using my brother Charlie's name. I am amazed to find out that not only does he have his own blogging page, but Joel does as well. It looks like we're more in common than I thought. It was interesting reading what they had to say; I rarely have conversations with them outside of the "older brother-younger sister" capacity. However, I must admit that this family Madison trip was a bit of a breakthrough; it's the first time since my freshman year of high school (1999) that our entire family left Iowa City together. It's certainly the longest concentrated amount of time we've spent together in years. Saturday marks the final day of our excursion; we will be headed back to Coralville after lunch. It'll be bittersweet. It was refreshing having nothing to do but hang out with my folks. It also marks the end of my beloved Spring Break. Ye hardly knew thee. At the same time, I miss Iowa City, Kyle, and my roommates (I hear Mike was delighted to hear that Laura was back; they're so cute). We're also headed over to Derek and Amber's party tonight; I'm anxious to get back into the swing of things. Oh, if only I were 21... sigh...

One problem that I have encountered during this trip is my growing obsession with "Electronic Hand-Held" Yahtzee. The hours I've surrendered to the stupid game border on time spent on Animal Crossing, back during its prime. Although, I must admit that I'm yet to roll dice for 16 hours straight; yes, I'm a nerd. Get off of this. But there's just something about Yahtzee. I always feel the urge to push the button just one more time. I even got yelled at by my partner while attempting to play Euchre online as well as Yahtzee. Seeing the flashing "Yahtzee" and the fifty point bonus ignites an even more intense drive to play one more time. Maybe it's a sign to stay away from gambling when I turn 21. Perhaps I have an addictive attitude; I'm just drawn to things and urged to devote hours of my life to them. And what do I have to show for this new addiction? A sore thumb from pushing the "Roll" button too many times. Hopefully returning to Iowa City will stop the madness... although Martin does play a mean game of Yahtzee...

Speaking of Martin and our other roommates, we decided one night that we were going to start a band. It will most likely consist of Martin and Kyle on guitar, myself on piano, and Mike popping in whenever he's around. Our band name? The Klapp. Our first album will be titled "I've Got The Klapp." There will undoubtedly be more on that in the future. Until then, spread the good news of the The Klapp. Bumper stickers will be coming soon.

So I will leave you with these points of advice: 1) Enjoy the time you have with your family; remember that the apple often doesn't fall far from the tree (or in my case, the adopted tree) 2) Don't be afraid to check up on your brothers online; you might learn a few things from the results 3) DON'T TOUCH THE ROLL BUTTON. IT'S EASIEST TO JUST NEVER START.

Love, luck, and lollipops,

Quote of the day: "We're Aquarius, Mike. You, me, and... Ben Bowman?!? Fuck that!!" from Marti ;)
Friday, March 19, 2004
Hi! I decided it's time to jump aboard the proverbial wagon that is known as Blog*Spot. After an engaging conversation with Casey, she convinced me that it would be a nice way to get back into the swing of things. While I've tried like crazy to forget as much of high school as possible, I find myself missing some key elements: 1) I miss music. After so many years, it's hard to just give it up. Kirkwood offers some music opportunities, but after Rob I think I would have a hard time accepting someone new. One day I will get back into music; for now, playing the piano at our apartment will have to do. 2) I miss my "original" high school friends. I remember back in the underclassmen days I would spend hours with the old crew. Which brings me back to why I've started this blog, with hopes that I can reconnect with my old friends. So I hope you enjoy reading about me! :-)

Well, where to begin? After graduating from West, I decided to take a few years off from intense schooling and enrolled at Kirkwood Comm. I'm still at K-Wood (on the three year program) and living on my own with Kyle, Martin Wehr, and Mike McCoy. Living with three guys is... interesting. Except for often finding myself not looking where I sit and the occassional lack of toilet paper, it's a pretty stable household. At K-Wood, I'm working for my teaching degree; just something to bring in money when I go right back to school. What I'll study then is still up in the air. I was originally thinking about psychology. (Well, "originally" after teaching music and teaching English.) I took a psych class last fall and it seems like a nice way to set myself up to be financially comfortable in the future. While I'm still thinking about psychology, the newest option is to start taking some classes to get a degree in social work, particularly working as an adoption social worker. I think it would be really rewarding to help other people. It wouldn't be as financially stable, I think I would enjoy the atmosphere better and just get more out of it.

Other than that, I'm working at Hy-Vee in Coralville. It's not the ideal job, but it pays the rent. I spent the rest of my time hanging out with the boys, and an occassional night out with Jill or Elayne.

There will definately be more coming soon, but I think I'll leave it here for now. Thank you for sitting through my rambles. Love, luck, and Lollipops. ~Em

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